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The first initial interest was created in 1972 by Brothers Wilbert Davis, Herman Simon, George Taylor, and Will Robinson. During this time the Big Brothers realized that there weren’t enough brothers or interest to organize a graduate chapter at Illinois State University, so the idea diminished. In August of 1973, Brother Herman Simon began elaborating on the idea more extensively by writing letters to the National Office and Big Brother Burnel Coulon who was the Tenth District Representative at the time. He was told that they were considering the formation of chapters in Joliet, Peoria, and Champaign and that they should try to make contact with these chapters once they were formed. However, there was no time allotted to make these contacts, and the idea diminished for nearly a decade.

In 1981, Brother Daniel Pierson, Herman Simon, Darryl Veasey, Horace Satisfield, Dwight Brooks, and Phillip Rogers sent letter to all local Brothers to inform them about the idea of establishing a graduate chapter. On Thursday, December 10, 1981, eight Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity met at the home of Brother Horace Satisfield to discuss establishing a graduate chapter of the fraternity in the Bloomington/Normal community. the Brothers that were in attendance were very positive about the idea and desire to pursue it further with all graduate Brothers in the community.

A year had passed before the Brothers reunited at the home of Brother Horace Satisfield for the second time at 7:30 p.m. Since the Brothers who were in attendance at the last meeting felt positive about the new chapter and felt that the idea was mutual among all graduate Brothers, they were asking everyone to be prepared to pay graduate dues which were required by the National Office. The Brothers that attended this meeting were Herman Simon, Dwight, Brooks, Phillip Rogers, Darryl Veazy, and Vincent Carter. They discussed the establishment of a graduate chapter once again but interest had diminished. These Brothers met at Maxwell’s Restaurant to discuss the formation of a graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity in Bloomington/Normal. The discussion at the restaurant was later shared through letters which each graduate Brother received informing them about the meeting on March 3, 1983, at the home of Brother Herman Simon. The Brothers who were present at this meeting were Herman Simon, Wilbert Davis, Phillip Rogers, Horace Satisfield, Vincent Carter, Cleveland McBride, Benjamin Pettie, Darryl Veazey, and Walter Brandon who met at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Brother Herman Simon. During this meeting officers were elected and they were as follows:

  • Jacob Martin – Basileus
  • Horace Satisfield – Vice Basileus
  • Dwight Brooks – Keeper of Records and Seals
  • Herman Simon – Keeper of Finance

Brothers Jake Martin and Herman Simon sent off the proper forms to the National Office in order to receive its charter. Brother Jake Martin discussed the approval of the charter with the National Officers and District Representatives and convinced them to approve the charter. The necessary funds were then sent to the National Office. The chapter members were very enthused and started operating as a graduate chapter until they received their official charter. Brother Walter Brandon was sent to the Tenth District Meeting in April to discuss the formation of the chapter with the Tenth District Representatives. In May of 1983, a letter was received by the Brothers informing them of their charter approval.

The Bloomington/Normal chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. received its graduate chapter on July 16, 1983. in a private ceremony presided over by Brother John S. Epps; Tenth District Representative for the chapter who gave them the name Chi Beta Beta and presented them with their charter at the Bob Johnson’s Restaurant. Officers were elected at the first meeting after receiving the charter and they were as follows:

  • Jake Martin – Basileus
  • Horace Satisfield – Vice Basileus
  • Herman Simon – Keeper of Records and Seals
  • Benjamin Pettie – Keeper of Finance
  • Phillip Rogers – Chapter Reporter
  • Walter Brandon – Chaplain
  • Dwight Brooks – Assistant Keeper of Finance
  • Wilbert Davis – Keeper of Peace

The chapter was low in finances, so they developed a Budget Committee to oversee the incoming funds. This committee consisted of Jake Martin, Horace Satisfield, and Benjamin Pettie. Local dues were established to generate funds. The Brothers established ways to raise money and become involved within the community. They formed such projects as Fruit Cake Sales, assisting the American Heart Association, Special Olympics, and collected Can Goods.

The first major event was held at the Crestwicke Country Club on Saturday, October 1, 1983. This was considered the coming out affair which was entitled “An Evening with Omega Phase I”. Everyone wore tuxedos in order to be uniformed. The second major event was entitled Phase II which was held on Saturday, March 26, 1984. This event raised money to finance the district meetings and charities such as the NAACP and the United Negro College Fund.

In April of 1984, Brothers Jake Martin and Horace Satisfield attended the Tenth District Workshop in East St. Louis, Illinois and also in April of 1984, Brothers Jake Martin and Frederick Maclin were delegates at the Tenth District Meeting and were recognized as the newest chapter in the Tenth District.

In 1984, the chapter lost three Brothers, Vincent Carter, Darryl Veazey, and Walter Brandon, due to job locations. The chapter’s membership consisted of ten members. This encouraged the Big Brothers to start a pledge line. So a pledge committee was formed and several informal meetings followed.

Chi Beta Beta was founded on May 27, 1983, in Bloomington/Normal and the founders and officers are:

  • Jake Martin – Basileus
  • Benjamin Pettie – Keeper of Finance/Chaplain
  • Dwight Brooks – Chapter Reporter/Assistant Keeper of Records and Seals
  • Phillip Rogers – Assistant Keeper of Finance
  • Horace Satisfield
  • Erik Dollison
  • Fredrick Maclin
  • Vincent Carter
  • Darryl Veazy
  • Walter Brandon

These Brothers brought by common goals and exercised the Four Cardinal Principles: